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Germantown Fire Station 4

Germantown, TN

The Scope

The City of Germantown selected RGI to design a state-of-the-art fire house that would act as a training center, backup 911 operations center, and citywide conference facility all under one roof. It also needed to be designed to achieve LEED Certified Rating. Additional requirements for the building included:

  • Must complement existing residential, commercial, and retail in the neighborhood
  • 3-lane drive thru bay to accommodate 5 apparatus vehicles
  • Automatic release carbon monoxide vehicle exhaust system
  • 8 private sleeping rooms with provisions for future expansion
  • 1 bathroom for every 2 sleeping rooms
  • Kitchen and dining area with 3 refrigerators
  • Lieutenant’s office and exercise facility adjacent to sleeping rooms
  • Fireman’s pole from sleeping area to apparatus bay
  • Training and conference center for 50 people
  • Backup 911 response center capabilities
  • Police office and restroom

Challenges & Resolutions

The main challenge was demolishing the existing (50-year-old) 4,000 SF Fire House while protecting the current communication tower and maintaining uninterrupted operation of the facility throughout the demolition and construction process. Other challenges included maintaining fire access to Forest Hill-Irene Road at all times, and protecting the community theatre facility and patrons next door with uninterrupted operation.

RGI was able to navigate these challenges by performing the proper due diligence and designing with proper clearances around the communication tower. Other challenges were mitigated by separating the training center and 911 response center so they operated independently of the Fire House during construction.

How The Renaissance Approach Benefited the Client

RGI asked the important questions on the front end, and with the right research, they were able to optimize the Fire House’s operations and functionality by phasing the site construction and maintaining access for the fire vehicles.

Overall, RGI met the challenges head on with innovative and responsible solutions to overcome those issues.


Germantown Fire House #4 was the first municipal facility to become Gold LEED Certified in West Tennessee. The City of Germantown was very pleased and so were the firemen. Other fire departments have been visiting the facility and using its design as the basis for their fire stations.

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