From serving students, to citizens, to employees and more, we have a variety of experience in all industries.


We design and plan educational facilities that foster an inspiring learning environment, including creating innovative school designs, optimizing spatial layouts, and ensuring the integration of modern technology.
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Our hospitality experience includes hotels and restaurants that offer not only exquisite aesthetics but also functional layouts to enhance guest experiences.
Hospitality Projects


Renaissance Group’s expertise in municipal building design ensures the development of functional and secure facilities that serve the needs of local communities, promoting well-being and efficient public service.
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Healthcare & Medical

Our approach to healthcare architecture ensures compliance with rigorous regulatory requirements, accessibility standards, and a patient-centric approach to creating healing environments.
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We serve the logistics industry by designing distribution centers and warehouses that focus on maximizing storage capacity, optimizing traffic flow, and enhancing operational efficiency

Manufacturing and Warehouse Facilities

Our experience in Manufacturing and Warehouse Facilities involves creating structures that enhance productivity and safety in industrial settings.


Renaissance Group designs multi-family developments, apartment complexes, and condominiums that prioritize the residents and communities while ensuring safety, accessibility, and sustainability.
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Commercial & Retail

We are experts in the planning and design of commercial spaces, including retail, office, and mixed-use developments that attract businesses and customers.
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Our experience in the automotive industry includes car dealerships, maintenance shops, and showrooms. We design these spaces to be visually appealing and optimized for customer experience.
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Renaissance Group specializes in first-class office buildings that cater to the diverse needs of businesses and corporate organizations. Office environments prioritize employee well-being and productivity.
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Renaissance Group extends our expertise to the Religious sector, designing church buildings and religious facilities that reflect the unique values and traditions of their communities. These spaces are not only beautiful and inviting but also functional and adaptable.
Religious Projects

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