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Collierville High School

From Pecan Farm to Premier High School. A New High School To Serve The Community.

The Scope

Renaissance Group was selected to design the new Collierville High School in Collierville, TN. With a 440,000 square feet main building and 64,000 square feet in Athletic Fieldhouses, as well as numerous classroom types, labs, and specialty rooms, this new high school is considered one of the largest schools in the Southeast United States.

Challenges & Resolutions

Since the student body had outgrown their previous building, it was determined that an entirely new location and building was necessary to meet the growing population. This allowed Renaissance to design a building that prioritized learning environments, student safety, initial and ongoing budget restraints, and community needs.

The initial hurdle was to convert an old rural pecan tree farm to a suitable construction site. They worked extensively with Memphis Light Gas and Water (MLGW) to bring all the necessary utilities, power, and water to the site. This also created challenges for traffic control. Road construction and improvements to Sycamore Road and Shelby Drive were crucial to control the volume of traffic forthcoming as well as provide multiple access points for the school site.

Safety of the students was a top priority in the design of the new high school. Security offices are strategically placed throughout the building, as well as minimal entry points, and direct communication access to Town of Collierville first responders in case of an emergency.

As with any public project, cost efficiency of materials, construction, and ongoing maintenance was a top concern. The design team was intentional on the selection of materials and construction methods used for controlling cost, especially accounting for high costs associated with steel and masonry. Design details and materials were chosen with life cycle cost in mind, for example luxury vinyl tile and LED lighting were chosen because of the savings in maintenance costs over time.

How The Renaissance Approach Benefited the Client

During the Discovery process, Renaissance spoke with community leaders, teachers, students, and parents to understand the needs and goals of the new high school. This feedback was crucial in designing a building that served not only the students well, but also the community and generations to come.


Collierville High School’s new campus was completed, and 2,500 students were able to enjoy and utilize the new facilities. As the population grows and enrollment rises, the school is able to continue to meet their needs, as well as serve the community through specialty meeting rooms and auditoriums open to use for meetings, board meetings, lectures, and distance learning.

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