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Arlington High School

Time-sensitive high school with several phases at once? We’ve got this.

The Scope

RGI was selected to design the first new high school for Shelby County Schools in over a decade. Arlington High School is 320,000 SF and includes a 1,000-seat performing arts stadium, a 2,000-seat basketball arena, and a 3,000-seat football stadium. In designing Arlington High School, RGI set the standard and developed the new prototype for Shelby County Schools.

Challenges & Resolutions

Due to the lack of intentional pedestrian flow routes and sense of place within the building, the previous layout presented several challenges, and safety was a major concern. RGI was also asked to provide a creative and time sensitive plan for the 9th and 10th grade wing of the school so that it could remain fully functional while the 11th and 12th grade classrooms and athletic facilities were being completed in the same building.

By communicating with Shelby County Schools in depth, RGI was able to determine what was most valued and needed. Challenges and issues were resolved early on in the process as the new prototype was developed. RGI was also able to speed things up by facilitating a fast track program with the State Fire Marshall. This allowed several multi-phases to take place at once. Communication and RGI’s relationships were able to remove several obstacles for the client.

How The Renaissance Approach Benefited the Client

During the Discovery process, RGI asked the important questions on the front end. This aligned the client’s needs with the correct framework for Arlington High School. That framework, combined with the Research process, then allowed RGI to come up with innovative and fiscally responsible design solutions that saved the client time and money.


The 9th and 10th grade wing was completed a year ahead of schedule, and the 11th and 12th grade classrooms followed ahead of schedule as well. Overall, Shelby County Schools was extremely pleased with the new, easy to navigate high school.

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